Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lake Buchanan 2009

This weekend we had our big Lake Buchanan trip that we take every year. When I got home I sadly discovered that I didn't really take that many pictures. I should have so many more for a weekend at the lake!
We got there on Friday afternoon. The kiddos played on the beach while Daddy fished on Friday night. Cadence had a cup that she filled with shells. Then she dumped them all out.Big sisters started out just looking at the water. Then, were just going to get their feet wet because we didn't bring towels down to the water.Eventually, they were all in. Grammy went back for towels.Story was FREEZING when she got out!Daddy and Uncle Brandon trying to catch a big one. On Saturday we headed down to the water, but were a little more prepared this time. Lyric was mad about something and pouting the whole time. Cadence gave Daddy's hat a try.
Story Bell testing out the water.
Baby Z liked the lake! He found a huge shell to carry around.
On Saturday afternoon, we had a big fish fry to celebrate Da Dale's 80th birthday. He really liked the money tree we put together. The kiddos each used their hand print to make a fish to hang on the tree. Story Bell fell asleep in the middle of the fish fry. When that kid is done, she is done. Doesn't matter when or where!This was SO not safe, but SO cute! Blaine was driving the four wheeler while Da held on to each one of the girls. Luckily, Blaine has been riding that thing since before he could walk, so he was quite the little driver.
Lyric showed Da her snails (yes, they went with us). That was pretty much our trip. We came home this morning. We had fun visiting with all of the family that we rarely get to see.

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