Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hospital Life

We are on day 17 of our hospital stay.  The last few days it seems like Story will have a good day and the next day will be a not so good day. Yesterday was a good day.  She is still sleeping, so we will have to wait and see what the day has in store for us.  She does have to get a blood transfusion.  She always seems to have some sort of meltdown/fit when she gets a transfusion.  I don't know if it makes her feel weird or what?  I did ask that the nurse to please request the blood bank not send crazy blood today!  Here are just a few things we've been up to here at the hospital.
She played the ukulele for Uncle Brandon on Skype.  
Sisters sent a plastic spider up for Story.  She discovered a fun game--stand on the bed and play catch.

 Daddy and I really didn't like the game (we have enough health issues right now, we don't need to add a broken bone or stitches into the mix), so we didn't play it very long!
She did look pretty cute with the spider on her head!
 She LOVES to be rocked!
 I found this cute little crown in the playroom.  When I was taking her picture I told her to smile.  She said it hurt to smile.  Poor baby!
She met a couple of Titan football players.  They signed a calendar for her.
 They couldn't come in our pod, so we had to go out in the lobby to meet them.  That's why she was wearing the mask.  With the Hepa filters it is so nice to be able to go out of the room.  The only time she needs the mask is when she is leaving our pod for a procedure, xray, meet football players and things like that. 
 I took this one in the playroom today.  As you can see, she really was not in the mood for a picture!
 Her little face is swollen from all the sores in her mouth.  You can kind of see in this picture where her lips have been bleeding.  We're hoping by the end of the week her mouth is better.
We had a couple of riders on our IV pole today.  Flap the flamingo and our spit cup.  No, Story hasn't taken up tobacco it was for her mucus.
She did some cooking in the playroom today.
 I was treated to a feast!
 Daddy came last night for a sleepover.  We went to the playroom and Story decided she wanted to play the Angelina Ballerina Dance game with him.  I had to go back to the room for my camera because I knew there were going to be some Kodak moments!  
When you land on Angelina you draw a dance card and then you have to do the dance move on the card.  The perfect game for Daddy:-)
 Story went first.
 Then it was Daddy's turn.
 Next up, Story Bell.

 Daddy again.  This picture may look funny, but it was actually hilarious to see Daddy doing ballet!
 A few more of Story.

 A few more of Daddy.

I can't wait for Uncle Brandon to come play this game with her:-)
 Somehow, we picked up another rider for our pole.
 Daddy and Story hanging out on Daddy's bed.
 You can't have a slumber party without painting nails.
 It is now 10:00 a.m. and Story is still sleeping.  I hope she is getting rested up for another good day! 

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