Thursday, November 25, 2010

More Hospital Life

Another week of hospital fun! 
We spent some time in the playroom:
playing the guitar, 
 rocking babies,
 and playing the lollipop drum.
 We played with some fake snow.  We received some snow in a can in the the mail.  I don't remember who sent it off the top of my head, but thank you!
 Making a snowball with Grammy.
 Mr. Snowman
 After she made the snowman and knocked him down she added some of her toys in the fun.
 I think they all traveled to the North Pole together.
 The fun of snow without the cold wetness!
 She pranced around in her snow princess outfit.  She actually considered herself a snow queen because she has babies and you can't be a princess and have babies.
 Although she is a queen, she is a hands on mama.
 Taking care of babies is hard work!
 Story Bell got a pretty bad bruise on her head.  She was trying to walk under the IV machine on her pole.  Apparently she didn't fit.
 Uncle Brandon came to visit.
 They hung out in the playroom and played some basketball.
 She showed him how to use the iPad.
 They did some boxing on the Wii.  Yes, she kicked his booty.
 That boxing is hard work!  She was out of breath!
Another day when he came, they played some carnival games on the Wii.
 They painted some hand print turkeys in the playroom.
 They worked really hard on their turkeys.

Uncle Brandon's masterpiece.
Story's masterpiece.
They spent some time staring out the window of the playroom.  There is a lit up Christmas tree a couple of floors down and Story LOVES to look down at it!

 Posing before Uncle Brandon left:

Poor Little Story Bell had a major breakdown missing her sister this week!  She taped this picture of Lyric to the bed railing.
Since most of the mouth bleeding has stopped we were able to put our princess bedding back on the bed.  The Magic Fairy brought this beautiful bedding set on transplant day.  We used it a couple of times, but then her mouth was bleeding too much, so we has to use the hospital bedding for awhile.

Cadence came to visit this week.
They had a good time playing with the dolls.
Overall, she had a good week.  She has still been throwing up once or twice a day, but it isn't the bloody mucus anymore.  The doctor is thinking we may be able to get out at the end of next week!

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Bona Fide Mama said...

I LOVE the pics with Uncle Brandon. She looks so much BETTER in them!! way to go Story. so pumped to think she'll be home for Christmas!