Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random Hospital Pictures

Shortly after we arrived on A Pod Story Bell discovered that they have two tractors you can ride.  She has been having a good time!
Cadence isn't allowed to ride in the halls, but she has a good time playing on this one in the room.
We found some bowling pins in the playroom. FUN!

Ms Jenny, the music therapist, came by with all of her instruments and sang with a group of the kiddos.

Story had to try every instrument she had!

Story wanted a fish for a pet here at the hospital, but they said it wasn't allowed.  Mimi J bought her this pet hamster instead.  She and Peanut became fast friends.
I took this one on the our last day of radiation.  These are the anesthesiologists putting her to sleep.

Her counts haven't dropped yet, so she has been enjoying lots of broccoli stems and ranch.
The playroom has a basketball goal and she has been using it a lot!

Lindsey brought her in this cute little bear, Polka Dot.  He and Peanut are good buds now.

We have the coolest craft kit that you can use to make widow clings.  She gave this one to Ansley, a little girl we met here.
Playing with the camera always helps past the time.  These are two she got of me.

We set up the bucket of water for her to play in.
This fishy squirted.  I had to put a towel on the floor because he made a mess!
Melissa, Cindy and their little puppy, Chichi, were catching a nap in this one.
More playing with the camera:

Her first 'real' shower since July.  She LOVED it!

Grammy hit the after Halloween sales and got this cool wig.

I hit the after Halloween sales and got this beautiful Snow Princess costume.

Lyric came to spend a few hours one evening.  They played and watched the Hannah Montana premiere.

Being in the hospital can be really hard on us all, but the hospital does their best to make this a fun place for the kiddos who have to be here!


Bona Fide Mama said...

i think our children will all get along very well. they seem to have a lot in common. i can't wait for them to all meet!

Jill said...

We bought the snow princess costume after Halloween too! It's going to be Christmas dress up! We'll have to send a picture!