Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lyric's Bandage Gets Removed

I forgot to take the camera last Tuesday when Lyric had her bandage removed.   These are from my phone, but I thought I would post them anyway.   
Lyric showed off her new gap while we waited for her turn.

 Ms Misty had her lay on her stomach while she peeled away the bandage.  It really didn't hurt.  Lyric only flinched a couple of times when she was getting the tape off the sides.
 She played with the Magna-Doodle while the bandage was being removed .
Funny to think the marrow they squeezed out of these little holes is going to save her sisters life!
Lyric recovered amazingly well!  She didn't take any pain medication after she left the hospital and she has been taking her iron like a champ.

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