Saturday, May 21, 2011

How Could I Forget Zayden?

When I wrote about our Texas trip I can't believe I forgot to include the pictures from the days we spent with Zayden!  He came and spent the day with us at Mimi J's.  He was so cute!  Here they are all having popsicles.  Mimi J brought the box out and the girls started jumping up and down saying they wanted one.  He did the same, but I knew he hadn't seen the box.  So, I asked him what it was he wanted.  He said, "I don't know."
 Tilly wanted to share:-)

 Lyric spotted a lizard through the fence.
 Zayden has always loved Lyric!  There time together this time was no different.  They made some mud pies.
 Cousin fun!
 Pool time!

 Hanging out with Uncle Devon.
 Zayden decided he wanted to do Story's hair.  She sat there while he brushed it.
 Then he decided to blow it dry.
 She never said anything.  She just let him fix it up.
 Zayden and Cadence snacked on the bread we were planning to feed the ducks on our way to the lake.

 Playground fun!

 Duck feeding time.

 Except there were no ducks, so Cadence and Zayden enjoyed some more bread.

Back at Mimi J's the cousins played some more.

 We met Uncle Trent for dinner and played some more.

 Story ate a lemon.

We went to Uncle Trent's to hang out one evening. We had some more playground fun!

 Z spent the night walking up to Lyric, grabbing her hand and looking up at her saying, "Where we going?"  She would just smile and say, "You grabbed my hand Zayden?"
 He was using his head to try to keep Lyric going up the slide and not coming back down on him.

Good times!  Good times!

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Zayden's Mommy said...

I'm so glad that he got to spend some time with you guys while you were here - I know he had fun! I love the pictures!