Friday, May 6, 2011

Pulling a Prank on Big Sister

Tonight Lyric took Story's doll.  That is her latest way of torturing her sisters.  Cadence followed Lyric into the bedroom to get it back.  After a few minutes she walked in the dining room with a stick of butter, "Mama, I need you to make this look like a piece of cheesecake."
I was completely confused, "What?  Why do you want that to look like cheesecake?"
She said, "I'm trying to get Cinderella back for Story and I told Lyric I would bring her some cheesecake to get Cinderella back.  Now go make this look like cheesecake, Mama!"
I did as I was told and cut the stick of butter to look like cheesecake.  The resemblance was amazing-we were just missing the graham cracker crust.
Cadence took the "piece of cheesecake" to Lyric, who was very excited to receive it.  She was completely fooled.  It was a pretty mean joke, but it was pretty funny!  I was quite impressed that Cadence came up with it herself.

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