Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lone Star State

The doctor gave Story the okay to take a visit to Texas, so we decided to take a couple of weeks and go back and see everyone.  We saw it as putting closure to our cancer journey.  It was so good to see everyone who has supported us over the last ten months.  I only took a handful of pictures the entire time we were there.
The drive there was LONG!  It takes my parents about 13 hours to drive it, but it took us 20!  The girls handled being in the car pretty well, but they are kids, so we had to make lots of stops.  We had planned to drive half way and spend the night, but in the evening we decided it would be so much easier to drive when they were sleeping.  We arrived in Lakeway around six or seven in the morning.
We spent the week visiting everyone.  On Friday, I took a few pictures while we were at Lake Buchanan.
The girls had a good time playing in the sand.

They waded in the water some.

Charlie had a good time sitting in the water:-)

Story didn't want to go down to the water at first, but eventually she and Devon joined us.
Lyric and Blaine did some exploring.

Lyric decided she wanted to build a mote.  Aunt Carolyn helped her with it.  Eventually, all the kiddos joined in.

When Story was playing in the sand Devon and I realized what little clothing she was wearing!  She was wearing sunscreen, but we were still nervous about her burning.
Devon decided to be her shade.
He was pretty cute shadowing her movements.  She was oblivious.
The boys had a good time flooding the mote.
Mimi J and the girls sat on the pier for awhile.
Blaine let Story borrow his pole, so she did a little fishing.

We had a good time at Buchanan, but I wish I had taken more pictures!  I didn't get any of Mamaw or Da:-(
On Saturday, we headed to Lake Somerville.  We saw a ton of family there.  But again I only have a handful of pictures.
Here is Sheila with Aunt Barbara.  You can't tell in the picture, but I would be willing to bet Sheila was aggravating!
The kiddos wanted to go swim, but Story couldn't be in the lake.  So, we decided to set up the kiddie pools.  As soon as the pools started to fill we could tell the water was disgusting!  It looked just like lake water!  Gross!  The kids had a good time and luckily Story was okay just watching.

Doesn't that look like we filled buckets up from the lake?
Lyric and Faith Meadow
Haydon and Addison
Wesley was wearing his batman cape.
We met Ace and Jade for the first time--precious!
Overall, our trip to Texas went really well, but we did discover a few things while we were there.
  1. The trees are really short.
2. Drought makes everything look sad.
3. Taco Cabana is still yummy!

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