Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America

Apparently Devon and I were on crack when we planned our outing for today!  Don't be surprised, we do that sort of thing all the time (no, not crack... make crazy plans that make no sense whatsoever!).
They were having a reenactment of the Sam Bass shoot out and a festival in Round Rock. Devon wanted to check out the shootout and I thought the festival would be fun.  So, we decided we would go to Round Rock in the morning and watch the shootout and hang around their festival for awhile, then come home for a few hours and head to Georgetown for their festival and stay for the fireworks.  
I don't know what we were thinking.  Seriously, when it is 150 degrees outside unless you are in some water it is not going to be fun!  We got to Round Rock just as the reenactment was starting.  Lyric was scared to death.  She didn't want them to shoot her:-)  She and I headed to the play scape.  Daddy and the little girls stayed for the show.  But before too long they got tired of standing out in middle of the sun so they headed over to the play scape.  Daddy watched alone.
After the show we all headed over to the children's activities.
Our Little Dare Devil decided she wanted to jump on the bungee trampoline thing.  Daddy went to stand in line with her.  He said she didn't say a word the entire time.  They had to weigh her to make sure she weighted 35 lbs.  She was at about 36 or 37:-)
Strapping up.
Sisters and I waited patiently while Story jumped.
After jumping the girls decided to ride ponies.  First, it was just Lyric and Story, but Cadence was not about to stay in the wagon while they rode ponies!
She lasted one time around and started attempting to climb off and said "Get off!  Get off!"  She was done!
Lyric enjoyed her ride.
Story doesn't appear to be having fun, but she said she was.
By this time it was a good 200 degrees, so we decided to head home.
We hung out at home for a few hours, ate some supper and decided to head to Chick Fil A to let the girls get their free milkshake they got from the library.  When we were almost there I started thinking they may be closed for the 4th.  Of course they were:-)  So, we headed over to Shivers to get the free ice cream the girls got from the library.
We got to the park and spread out our blanket.  I didn't expect it to be cool, but come on, would you really think it was like 250 degrees outside?  It was like 7:30 at night!  We hung out on the blanket for a while.
Then we decided to head over and look at the water.  Big sister and middle sister.  (I LOVE this picture!).
Big Sister and Little Sister (LOVE this one too!).
Lyric spotted a pretty cool bug on a tree.
We went back to our blanket just as it was getting dark.  Unfortunately, it was getting hotter outside not cooler!  I think the temp was nearing 300 by this point!  The girls decided they were done.  They didn't want to wait for the fireworks anymore.  They were hot and tired and just wanted to go.
I pulled out my handy dandy glow sticks from the Dollar Store, best dollar I've ever spent!
Luckily these kept them entertained until the fireworks started.
In the end, it was worth the 400 degree weather and we all had a good time!
We did vow to not be in Texas for the 4th next year.  We plan to be on our bus somewhere much much cooler!  I wouldn't even mind if I needed a light jacket:-)

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