Monday, July 13, 2009

What We Did Today

We just hung out at home today, but I thought it would be fun to just post a few of the happenings.
This morning Story and Cadence both decided they were going to help me with the dishes.  Story would rinse them and hand them to Cadence and she would put them on the drying rack.  It took three times as long, but they wanted to help, how can you say no?  I never understand parents who don't let their kiddos help when they are little, but then they don't understand why they won't help when they are older.
In the middle of the dishes Cadence said, "Pee, pee."  I looked down and yes she did all in the chair they were standing in.
A little while after we were done with the dishes I was putting some clothes in the washer and I heard Cadence yelling, "Mama, Mama." She was in the playroom I walked in and she looked up at me.  I asked, "Are you calling me or a pretend mama?  She said, "Pretend." and then went back to her yelling.
This afternoon we were all in the playroom.  Story and I were doing a puzzle and Lyric and Cadence were both there playing.  Cadence, who was naked, spread her legs and said, "Pee."  I said, "No, don't pee."  But before I could do anything she just peed!  And then she laughed.  She pees outside a lot, so she is actually really good at peeing standing up.  She thought it was hilarious and so did her sisters.
Tonight while we were eating Lyric started making up knock knock jokes.  You know the typical little kid knock knock jokes, either they make no sense or you have heard them 1000 times.  She said something about cheese and so I made one up about cheese (it was actually pretty good I thought:), then Daddy told one and then Story, so you know Cadence had to get involved.  She knocked on the table.  We said, "Who's there?"  She said, "Hot dog."  We said, "Hot dog who?"  She was cracking up laughing, "Hot dog and cheese."  It was so cute.  The girls kept making up more and then Cadence had another.  She knocked on the table.  We said, "Who's there?"  She said, "Nose."  We said, "Nose who?"  She said, "Arabella Cox"  and then she laughed and laughed!  
Good times!

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jessica said...

love the jokes! :) too cute! don't you love that the little ones have to be in on EVERYTHING?