Sunday, July 19, 2009


Okay, I know I have told you before I love shopping at CVS, but I really LOVE shopping at CVS. See, times have been pretty hard around here lately. Devon's work has been pretty slow, so we have had to be pretty tight with our money. That is what is so great about CVS when you shop there they give you ECBs, so it is kind of like shopping with play money. Tonight I went in with $12.00 ECB from last week.
This is what I bought:
Transaction 1: ($12.00 ECB aka play money to spend)
1-Kodak Picture Maker DVD 9.99
2- Speed Stick Deodorants 2.99
1- Johnson and Johnson Shampoo 2.99
1- Johnson and Johnson Lotion 2.99
2-1.50q Speed Stick
2- 1.00q Johnson and Johnson
I used my $12.00 ECB and had to pay 1.18oop. I received $9.99 ECB for the movie and $4.00 ECB for the Speed Stick.
Transaction 2: ($13.99 ECB aka play money to spend)
2- Paper Mate 10ct. pens .99 each
1- Colgate Maxfresh 2.99
2- SoBe Waters 1.59 BOGO
1- Band Aid 60ct 3.29
1- Hello Kitty/ Neosporian Value Pack 6.99
2- .50q Band Aid
1.00q Colgate
I used my ECBs and she handed me my bag. My total was ZERO! Can you believe that I paid nothing and I got 1.98 ECB for the pens, $5.00 ECB for the band aids and $1.00 ECB for the toothpaste.
So, I have $7.98 in ECB to spend next time. I LOVE shopping with play money!!!!!!! CVS is the best store on the planet!!!!!
Where can you go buy all of that stuff for $1.18?
*Anyone who wants to start CVSing just let me know I would so love to help you out because it is so much fun!

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Jamie said...

Ok, thats it.. I'm in. Help me. There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn't be doing that!!