Friday, January 28, 2011

Bledsoe Creek State Park

Today was going to be above freezing, so we decided to take a picnic and go out hiking.  We headed over to Bledsoe Creek State Park .  After we had our picnic we hit the trail. 
Lyric was in a posing mood.  
The girls discovered this hole and decided to "study it."  I find it amusing that since my kids don't go to school the word "study" has such a different meaning to them than many kids.  The word "study" seems to pick up a negative connotation once you go to school.
Lyric had sisters join her for this pose.
Of course, we had to visit the playground.
Miss Lyric put Baby Lilly in her own swing.  She was not happy when mama pushed her too high and she fell out.  I didn't realize she couldn't hold on-oops!
Story Bell had to try out the most daring part of the playscape.  It will be much easier to relax when she is able to get rid of  all her tubies.
Miss Lyric even wanted to pose from the top of the playscape.
She found the perfect rock for a picture!
Cadence ran out of energy, but Daddy was there to pick up the slack.
I taught the girls a VERY important skill from this bridge!  They now know if spit in the shallow water where you see fish the fish will swim up to your spit.  I was very surprised my husband didn't know this little tidbit.

Good times!

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