Sunday, January 23, 2011

Story's New Love

Story has a new love!
Anyone care to guess what it is? 
Give up?
The girl is in love with mushrooms right now!  Before her bone marrow transplant one of her favorite things to eat was ham and mushroom pizza, but now she doesn't even need anything with the mushrooms.  She just comes up and asks, "Will you saute me some mushrooms?" and then she just eats them by themselves.

On Sunday Devon was watching football, so she and I decided we needed some football food.  We got him to make us some nachos (because he is the best nacho maker EVER!).
She normally is my nacho buddy, but not on Sunday, all she did was pick out the mushrooms!
I would never have thought the five year old's favorite food would have been mushrooms, but I'm not complaining:-) 

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