Monday, January 24, 2011

Radnor Lake

It wasn't freezing outside today, so we decided to head out for a hike.  I took this picture of Cadence when she was drying her hands after going potty right before we hit the trail.
I know it isn't the prettiest background, but don't you just LOVE that outfit!  She put it together herself.
 The girls stopped to admire a small waterfall.
 They were in a picture taking mood!  
 Sweet Story Bell posing for Daddy.
 "Let's take a picture on this bench with all five girls!"  Yes, Baby Lilly counts as one of the girls.
 "Now let's take one with the four girls and Daddy!"
 "Mama, take mine and Lilly's picture!"
 We walked down to check out the lake and discovered a thin layer of ice on it.  So, you know we had to throw some rocks.  They just sat on the ice, I guess it wasn't too thin.
 I love this picture!  If you look closely you can see the bright red robin in all the grey.
 It started to sprinkle a little, so we found some shelter.
 Story decided to try out this rocker on the porch of what I assume was some kind of offices (it was all closed up).  But then the girls decided it was a witches house and we all had to run away from it!
 Baby Cadence got tired of walking, but Daddy didn't mind helping her out.
 "Let's all get a picture with Daddy again!"
 You can see the sticks sitting on the ice on top of the lake, pretty cool.
 Lyric discovered this heart in the side of a tree on our way back to the car.
 They looked like a couple of teenagers walking back to the car.  They were just chatting and walking-so cute!  Except, I guess a teenager wouldn't have Baby Lilly stuck in her jacket to keep her warm and dry:-)
It was pretty chilly and a little wet, but we had a nice little hike!

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