Monday, January 24, 2011

Bike Riding and The Dog Park

We haven't been to Shelby Park since we moved, so today we decided to take the girls bike riding and let Marlie try out the dog park.  The girls had fun on their bikes.  It has been awhile since they have ridden them, since they can't ride them in the neighborhood.

We had to check out the river.

 After they rode their bikes the girls decided to check out the new natural play area.  It was so fun!  They played in the forts.
 Lyric made herself her balance beam.
 Marlie thought the play area was okay, but I'm sure she would have enjoyed it more if she could have gotten off of her leash.
 Cadence took a rest on one of the stumps.
 Story did a little building.
 She tried to figure out the water pump.
 After we played, we headed over to the dog park.  We were pretty worried how Marlie was going to act around the other dogs, since it was her first time at a dog park.
 We were surprised at how shy she was.  She wanted to stay close to us and kept her distance from the other dogs.
 She did like the open space to chase her ball and rope.
 The other dogs decided to come try to play with her, since she wouldn't play with them.  Devon and I talked about how it felt like taking the kids around other kids and how you secretly hope they make friends:-)

We will definitely be taking Marlie back to the dog park.  Hopefully, next time she can make a friend:-)

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