Sunday, January 16, 2011

Being Home

Story has been out of the hospital for little over a month now.  She has pretty much literally been "home" since she left the hospital.  She goes to clinic twice a week, but other than that we are pretty much home.  She can't be around people yet, but she can do things outside.  So, other than clinic we have gone to the park near our house to let the girls ride their bikes a few times.  
The first time we went out was Dec 16th.  Story had gotten a new bike for her birthday and hadn't been able to ride it.  I had the bright idea for us to take the bikes to the park.  It was FREEZING!!!  We lasted about 30 minutes!  On the way back to the car Story said, "Whose dumb idea was this anyway?"  But I did manage to get a few pictures with my shivering hands before we called it quits.
Poor Cadence was sporting the tricycle.  She was trying really hard to keep up with sisters!
 I love this picture of my little stair step girls!  (Don't know if anyone noticed, but the middle child--who doesn't need training wheels anymore--has them.  The new bike came with training wheels and she doesn't want to take them off, too funny!)
They don't look too cold, do they?
 This is about the time when they really started complaining about the cold!
 We did have some excitement... Lyric lost her tooth!
 Towards the end everyone had ditched the bikes.  Devon had Lyric's, I had Story's and sweet Lyric had Cadence's~ that is until she caught up with me.

We took another bike outing on January 5th.  It was a much warmer day--42 degrees.  It actually felt pretty good in the sun.  We even took a picnic.
Cadence had her big girl bike this time.  Much easier to keep up! 
 Story saw this sign and decided she needed to ride under it.  That's Story Bell always the the little dare devil!
 She succeeded.  It was a proud moment:-)
There was a little ice on the ground.
 We found a nice sunny spot for the picnic.
 They look so big!  No more tricycles!
Today was 45 and sunny, so we headed to the park again.  I didn't get any bike shots today, only took a couple of the girls posing. 
Sweet sisters taking a rest on the bench.
Cadence and Story ditched their bikes in the end, so Devon carried one and I had the other.  
I have enjoyed our bike rides at the park, but I have to admit it will be nice to be able to go in public again! 

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beautiful bike riding family!