Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Day for Story Bell!

Today was Story's last day for Cyclosporine, her yucky medicine.  So, she got her NG tube out.  This morning she practiced taking her other meds in her mouth.  It has been a long time since she has done that!

Daddy gave her the last dose before we headed to clinic.
 Lyric wanted to be in the picture, but she forgot to look at the camera:-)
 We were all excited about the big day.
 This picture may show little more than you wanted to see, but I thinks it's good for us to remember what this sweet girl has been through.  It didn't really hurt when they took it out, but it did feel pretty weird.
 We got Ms Dara, our favorite clinic nurse, to pose for a picture after she took the tube out.
 Yea, no more tubie!
We were also able to drop two more meds today!  Story came home on 12 meds in December and now she is down to 1 during the week and 2 on the weekends!  AmAzInG!!!

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