Sunday, June 12, 2011

Member Night at the Zoo

The zoo had member night tonight, so we decided to check it out.  The girls rode the carousel.  Devon decided he wanted to go and tour the old house they have there and Lyric went with him.  I took Story and Cadence over to the jumpy houses they had set up.
For some reason, my camera was fogged up, but I had to include this picture because those two are just so sweet!
 The jumpy house was a huge obstacle course.

They did the obstacle course over and over again!

There was a big slide at the end that Cadence didn't do, but Story did it head first every time.

After the jumpy house the girls had a snack in the wagon while we waited on Daddy and Lyric to finish their tour.
Daddy took Story and Cadence to the playground while Lyric and I went to an animal show.  The show was all about ways the zoo enriches the lives of the animals by giving them things to play with and offering them special food.  Did you know opossums don't eat squash?
This bird could dance and
say 'hello', along with many other things.
Lyric and I both enjoyed the show and the whole family enjoyed member's night.

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