Friday, August 17, 2012

Leaning Differences

I love, love, love Unschooling!  It is so much fun watching the girls learn.  We are going camping this weekend and today Lyric and Story decided to make a list of things they wanted to take with them.  They started out with Lyric writing.  Lyric can read just about anything put in front of her, but she struggles with spelling.  So, she was just putting the first letter of the words on their list.  For example, they wanted to put stuffed animals-- she put SA.  Their list had about ten things on it, but when they looked back to read over what they had on the list... they discovered they didn't remember what the letters stood for:-(
Story decided to make her own list.  Here is what she wrote:
1. stofd anumol- stuffed animal
2. storys sleiping bagg- Story's sleeping bag
3. hot chocolit- hot chocolate
4. anomll blanckt- animal blanket
5. hat
6. frisbe and bol- frisbee and ball
7. bike and hellmit- bike and helmet
8. cheir-chair
9. spareckolrs-sparklers
10. care snaks- car snacks
11. gieinei pig- guinea pig
12. toothbrosh and icsesurs- toothbrush and accessories
Story has been reading for a very short time, but she's actually a pretty good speller.  She sounds everything out!  Phonics is a huge part of her reading.  But Lyric on the other hand doesn't use phonics at all.  She has never been one to sound out the words.  She has also never struggled with reading.  She just started reading on her own and has never looked back.  I often wonder if phonics had been pushed on her if she would have had trouble learning to read...  For us as Unschoolers, learning is much more about the process rather than the product.  I love watching the raw organic process!

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