Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Night Out Against Crime

Our  neighbor invited us to her church for Night Out Against Crime tonight.  Story and Cadence were SO excited to be going to a party they both had to wear their party dresses!
There were games, food, a cake walk and lots of fun activities.
Story had the biggest cotton candy I have ever seen in my life!

Unfortunately, Lyric and Cadence don't eat cotton candy, so she had it all to herself!
Lyric and Cadence had snow cones instead.

Story ate every last drop of the cotton candy!
The girls and I did the cake walk.  It was their first time.
We played, and played and played...and Lyric finally won a cake!  Cadence didn't win a cake, but she was pretty excited to share with Lyric;-)
We had a great time!

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