Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Bowling and Table Tennis

We have been doing a family Olympics on the Wii.  We each picked a country that we plan to represent in our family Olympics.  I chose Mexico because I have always wanted to learn Spanish and I love speaking with a Spanish accent, Devon chose Canada because Spain was already taken and I think it was just a random choice for him, Lyric chose Great Britain because she loves speaking with a British accent and she did some research and saw they won lots of gold metals at the last Olympics, Story chose China also because of some research into their last Olympics, Cadence chose Spain because their flag has lots of yellow and that is her favorite color:-)
We plan to have a night where we do a "presentation" on our country and make food from each country.
Tonight we did bowling and table tennis for our Olympic events.  Story made an amazing spare and Lyric happened to catch it on video.  You may want to adjust your volume--we are really loud!

Story got this interview with Lyric after one of her turns:

When it was time for Table Tennis.  Devon said okay, "Mexico (me) is going to be playing Great Britain (Lyric) first."  Cadence said, "I wanted to play Mama!"  I thought, 'How sweet, she wants to play me.'  Well, it finally came out she wanted to play me because she knew I wasn't very good at the Wii and she would be able to beat me:-(  Sadly, she did beat me!

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