Saturday, August 11, 2012

Little Salesman

Cadence has  started a new business venture in the living room.  She is selling hangers.
 You have to pay with real money, but I'm not real sure she has much business sense!
 You can bring a hanger and give it to her then you can buy as many hangers as you want with your money--it doesn't matter how much money you have you just give it all to her and take how many hangers you need.  But then, you get a free hanger because you gave her a hanger!  I'm not real sure what is so special about a free hanger when you just gave her a hanger, but it is a really big deal--- because it is FREE!

I tried to tell her it didn't really make sense for someone to give you a hanger and then get a free hanger in return, but she wanted no part of my business advise!

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