Thursday, August 2, 2012

Truth or Dare

This morning Story and Cadence were playing Truth or Dare while they were eating breakfast.  They had me smiling while I was making the pancakes!  First, I heard Story say, "It's okay if you pick dare because there is a rule where they can't dare something that will kill you."  Cadence picked dare and Story dared her to run to Daddy's bathroom and run back by the time she counted to 10.  Cadence looked at her and said, "Can you make that 11 because Daddy's bathroom is pretty far."  Cadence then dared Story to climb under the table and come out the other side, but Story thought that was too easy for a dare.  So, they agreed she should climb up the door way of the dining room and touch her head on top of it.  She did it, but she did let Cadence know if she fell it could kill her!

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