Saturday, July 27, 2013

Package for Daddy

Devon had to work late, so the girls decided to make him a package.  They were going to be asleep when he got home, so they left it on the porch for him.
They wanted to trick him, so they put an address label on it, so he would think it was from Mimi J.  They also put a flag sticker on it, so it would look like a stamp.
 Cadence and I had made brownies and they put that inside with LOTS of pictures.  They made him some cootie catchers and
 Cadence made him one of her famous LONG straws.
 They made a card and separated it into four sections.  They each wrote in their section and they helped Coda write in her part.
She did pretty well, but she wrote on the bed a little.
We were all sleeping when Daddy found his package, but I'm sure he loved it!

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Tom and Jimmy said...

A package for Daddy....

On the blog titled "cox corner"

You are a 12 year olds favorite setup.