Saturday, July 13, 2013

Starting the Day with Worms and Ending it with Cobbler

  This morning we took the girls to Shelby Bottoms to learn about earth worms.  There were students there from Belmont who explained the research they have been doing to compare the number of exotic worms to native worms and which plants they are more attracted to.
They played a game to show the difference in the nutrients in the soil when earth worms are present.

 Then it was time to go out into the field!
 The students poured a mixture of mustard seed and water on the ground and then spent five minutes picking out the worms that came out of the ground.
They did a couple of different spots.
 The girls had a hard time picking up the worms with their gloves on, so Lyric took hers off.  Story and Cadence were not touching the worms without gloves!
We then headed back to the nature center to look at the worms under the microscope.

 This student went WAY in depth with Devon and Lyric explaining how you can tell the different worms apart.

A funny thing happened while we were thanking the professor for being there and how interesting we thought it was.  She thanked us for coming and started telling us about homeschool programs they offer at Belmont.  Then she stopped and said, "You do homeschool, right?"  I don't know if our kids are 'those weird homeschool kids' or Devon and I are 'those weird homeschool parents', but she knew.  Too funny! 
 After the earthworms, Lyric wanted to go berry picking.  Cadence and Story weren't interested, so we walked to the park.
Daddy and Lyric had a great time!  They saw these holes dug by craw fish.
They saw some interesting plants.

They saw the damage beavers can do to a tree.
They picked us lots of yummy berries!
Story, Cadence and I took a detour down to the water.  A train happen to come over the bridge while we were there.  It was loud!

I got a few cute shots of Coda while we were at the park.

When we got home we made cobbler with our berries!

No, Lyric's hair wasn't in the cobbler-it just looks like it is;-)


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