Saturday, July 20, 2013

Little Ms Inventor

Story came up with a new invention today.  Story is always been 'fixer.'  If she sees a problem she is going to try to figure it out.  If something is broken even though she may know nothing about it she will try to fix it.  The other day the girls and I were talking about making things out of paper, they had been making cootie catchers.  I told them when I was a kid I remember folding paper to make a cup.  I told them I didn't remember how, but someday we should look on the internet to see how to do it.  A little while later, Story walked into the room with a paper cup.  She had gotten on YouTube,  found a video and followed the directions. She says she is going to be in the circus when she grows up, but I could see her being an engineer or inventor.
Check out this video of her explaining her invention to me:

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