Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Monday

We had a pretty busy day at home today.  This morning Cadence insisted that if we put Coda on the floor she would crawl, so we did and she didn't:-)  Surprise, surprise!
At some point today, Coda was getting fussy in the pack and play, so Cadence tried to make her happy.
 One of the requirements for the Summer Reading Program at the library was to do a craft from a book or follow a recipe in a book.  Story chose the craft and made this cute purse.
 She is quite the little seamstress!
 This afternoon I jokingly told Lyric she should make us some brownies, so she did.  Cadence helped.  I was told I could go in the kitchen to supervise, but I wasn't allowed to help.  I tried not to say anything and just watch, but when Lyric picked up the 1/2 cup for the salt I had to help!
 Story didn't help make the brownies, but she did help eat them!
Love this bright eyed beauty!

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