Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Santa came!
Lyric and Story woke up and watched TV in their bed for twenty minutes or so before they woke up Cadence.  Such thoughtful girls to let the night owl sleep in:-)
 Stocking time!
 Coda liked her stocking!  She didn't seem to mind that it looked pretty ghetto with her name written on it in marker.  Next year we will get you a nice stocking Sweet Girl.

  Sisters decided to help.  They thought she was taking too long!
 Story liked her bow and arrow that is taller than she is.
 Lyric LOVED her robe and ear warmer!
 Three happy girls!  Cadence was happy to finally have a place to keep her Barbies!
 Story was excited to get her lap desk.
 Lyric loves to widdle wood with Devon's pocket knife.  We decided to get her a knife with her name engraved on it.
 She thought it was pretty cool that it had her name on it, but it's bigger than Daddy's so I don't know how much she is actually going to use it:-/
Coda didn't get to swim for Story's birthday because she didn't have a swimsuit.  I happened to see one at the dollar store recently, so I had to get it for her.
She's ready to hit the pool now!
Coda was ready for a nap when she was done with her presents:-)  Big yawn!
Story made us all presents.  She sewed Daddy a pick holder for his guitar picks.
 She didn't make Cadence's present, but it was something she really wanted!
 An empty box!  She LOVED it;-)
 Story made Lyric a candy dish.
 She even filled it with candy!
 She made me a really cool mask!
 She made Coda a blanket out of felt, but it didn't make it under the tree and she couldn't find it.  I told her we would find it somewhere in the house and she could give it to her then.
This was our first Christmas to not have any extended family around.  I thought it was a little lonely, but we still had a good time with the six of us.

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