Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Our Homemade Christmas 2013

Last year we started a new family tradition.  We drew names and everyone made each other a present.  This year we decided to do it again. Before we exchanged gifts the girls dressed in their new Christmas jammies and posed for pictures.

 Cadence drew Daddy's name.
 I helped her sew him an apron.  She picked guitar material for the pockets.
 Lyric had Story's name. 
 She wrapped it in layers.  It makes the opening of the present fun for her:-)
 Sweet sister love!
 I helped her sew Story a neck pillow.
 Story drew Cadence's name.  This picture is blurry, but I LOVE it anyway! 
Story finger knitted her some ropes.

Coda had Lyric's name.

Daddy "helped" her make Lyric a really cool piece of art for her wall.

I had Coda's name.  I sewed her a tag blanket in the shape of a 'C'.

Devon had my name.  I was expecting a song or poem because that is what he does for a living, so I thought it would have been the easiest thing for him.
But he's so awesome he thought about what I needed and made me some lotion.  He made lotion bars, regular lotion and lip balm.  It works great!
Lyric wanted to get a picture of us kissing, but she took FOREVER to take it!  She said I look like I was holding in a sneeze.  I was actually trying not to laugh she was taking so long to take the picture.
This has become one of my favorite traditions and I want us to do it for years to come.

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