Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Story Bell

Note: Some of the pictures in this post are pretty blurry.  I forgot to charge the camera (as usual:-/) and so some of them are from my phone.
Story celebrated her 8th birthday today.
Her morning started with M&M pancakes.

Then it was present time!

Cadence bought her candy.
Lyric wrapped her gift in about 15 layers.
When Story finally got it open she discovered a cap gun and caps.  She saw it at the dollar store the other day and really wanted one. 
Next came Coda's present.
It was a hovercraft making kit.  She watched a Youtube video awhile back and has been wanting to make one.  So, I put the supplies in a bag for all three girls to make one.  I will be sure and post when we make it:-)
Devon and I got her a bike.  She really needed one!  She got her last one on her 5th birthday and it was getting pretty small!
Trying out the new bike!

 We had some lunch and then it was time for cupcakes.

After our cupcakes we headed to the pool.  The 30 degree weather outside didn't matter to this birthday girl, she wanted to go swimming;-)

Coda didn't have a swimsuit, but if she had I think she would have loved the pool!

Story LOVED the water slide and she made us all try it!

Lyric went up to try it, but decided it wasn't for her.  So, she came back down the stairs.

Happy 8th Birthday Sweet Girl!

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