Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sparkle's Mischief

The girls were really happy with Sparkle's the first day because she made breakfast, but they weren't too happy to see her the second day when she brought boxes and a note telling them they needed to fill the boxes with their old toys.
Story  was a little jealous the day Sparkle was a trapeze artist!  She wanted to swing from the candy cane!

They thought is was hilarious when she wrapped the toilet!
One day, she was playing some dominoes.
She made herself pretty comfortable in laundry basket.

One morning, we discovered her with the camera.  She had a good time taking pictures of herself posing around the house and with us all sleeping!

Silly elf!
She redecorated the Christmas tree with undies!
She made herself comfortable in Daddy's panties!
She had a hot date with Story's barbie, Jackson.
Unfortunately, she had a little accident when the playroom was a mess!  But, she recovered pretty quickly.
She used a koozie and made herself a hot air balloon.
We don't do the whole, "Santa is watching you" thing around here, but we sure do enjoy our elf!

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