Monday, December 2, 2013

Giving Girls

Grammy sent the girls $20.00 just because.  We talked about what they could do with the money and they decided they wanted to go to the movies to see Frozen.  The other day we dropped off some clothes at a half-way house for women and the secretary told us they were having a toy drive.  The women there have had drug or alcohol problems and most of them have kids living with family members or in foster care.  They have a toy drive and set it up like a store so the women can come and "shop" for their children.  
I wasn't sure what the girls would say, but I suggested they use their money to shop for the toy drive.  Story and Lyric got really excited and loved the idea.  Cadence wasn't too thrilled with it, but agreed.  I told them I would add a $1.00, so they could each spend $7.00.  I thought they did great with their money and got lots of stuff!

Lyric found the Justin Bieber white board and One Direction watch on clearance at Claire's and Hello Kitty stickers on the dollar rack at Target.
Cadence decided to use all her money on one thing.  She bought a Palace Pet.
Story put together a Hello Kitty 'set' from the dollar rack at Target.
Lyric and Story each had a dollar left, so they put it together and bought a baby doll.
They had a lot of fun shopping and dropping the toys off! 

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