Sunday, April 12, 2009


We spent Easter weekend at the lake with Grammy and Bob. The first night we were there Daddy decided he wanted to take the big girls fishing. We loaded up the wagon with snacks, chairs, bait and poles and headed down to the lake. We didn't realize the whole excursion was going to be less than thirty minutes!
Miss Lyric showing off her stink bait.They may have only had their poles in the water about three minutes each, but they sure were cute sitting there holding them!Miss Lyric reeling her line in, 'Just to make sure there wasn't a fish on it.' We didn't catch any fish. Apparently, your line has to be in the water to catch a fish.
After our fishing trip the girls decided they ALL needed a bath together. There is no bathtub in Grammy and Bob's camper. It is a little bitty shower that you can barely turn around in. They may not have gotten very clean, but at least they could say they had a bath. I guess they all three didn't really fit, it seems Cadence's hiney wouldn't quite fit between big sisters.On Friday, we took the big girls for a boat ride.They all three had their life jackets on, but when it came time to get in the boat Cadence said she didn't want to go. Grammy said after we left she kept saying, "Boat, boat." with a very sad look on her face. Sorry Baby Cadence, I guess you did want to go! The girls LOVED the boat! They wanted to go faster, faster.
Story liked the way the boat made lots of soap bubbles. You can't go on a boat ride without playing with the bait.
Story just barley touched it.
Lyric held it and
pretended to eat it. Man, that kid takes after her Uncle Trent! After our boat ride, Daddy decided to fly the kite for the kids. You can see who joined him.Of course, we had to color Easter eggs.This was Baby Cadence's first time to color eggs, but she didn't hesitate to jump right in.Story worked REALLY hard painting a green egg.
She concentrated for a long time getting it all painted green. And then she had to enjoy the fruit of her labor...
yes, she peeled it...and ate it! Miss Lyric also peeled one for Cadence. They enjoyed coloring them, but I guess they didn't quite get the concept of the whole reason why we were coloring them;-)The kiddos set up their own "campsite" out under a tree.Grammy gave them cheese nips and water to snack on.Avery attempted to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.Cadence went back and forth between the kids campsite and the main campsite.On Saturday morning, the boys caught some fish.Cadence was mesmerized.She doesn't look very happy in this picture, but she really liked staring at the fish in the cooler. "Fish, fish." We decided to do the big hunt on Saturday afternoon. Cadence had her bucket and was ready to go!
It didn't take her long to figure it out.
The big girls knew what they were doing. (Yes, Lyric is wearing her gown. It was what she wanted to least she has shoes on!)
All the kiddos posing with their goodies. No, Lyric did not want to be in this picture, but we didn't make her. She did it willingly, she just wasn't happy about it.
On Saturday after the big egg hunt, the guys were heading out to go fishing. Lyric REALLY did not want daddy to go! (You would have thought he was never coming back!) So, they decided to let her go with them. Grammy packed her a lunch, some water and a blanket (because she was going to freeze to death or so Grammy said).
Cadence REALLY, REALLY wanted to go! Maybe next year, Baby Cadence.
Such a big girl!They only caught one fish. Harold was nice enough to let Lyric reel it in. She had fun anyway. Daddy said she had a really good time playing with the minnows. One of them even "popped" and she got to see eggs inside of it. That evening Daddy decided to start a fire. Match Lighting 101-- just what you want the five, four, three and one year old to know. Yes, even the one year old got to light one.
Overall we had a good time at the lake, but Thursday to Sunday was a bit long. We were all really tired by the end of it!

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