Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainy Day

We had a stormy day today. But, this afternoon things calmed down, so we all headed outside. Lyric decided she wanted to be the "Snail Protector" So, we went around the yard collecting snails. Yes, we-daddy and I helped. At one point I counted 26 snails and a roly poly.The lines you see in the picture above is the "slime" they leave behind as they glide along.
I actually think they a pretty fascinating little creatures.Miss Lyric and Baby Cadence went for a ride in the John Deer, but they had to be very careful not to run over any snails in the grass. Sisterly love!
Lyric tried to get Cadence to play with one of the snails, but she just closed her eyes. I guess she thought sister would leave her alone if she pretended to be asleep. It didn't work.
After we came inside, later this evening I noticed the girls rubber boots on their desk. I wondered why they brought those muddy boots in and put them on the desk, but I didn't say anything because they aren't my boots and it isn't my desk. Actually, the desk is pretty messy, so the boots kind of fit right in;-) Tonight, Devon was helping Lyric get something going on her computer and he looked inside the boots... there were about 15 of the snails we found today in the boots!
A couple had escaped and were on the outside of the boot. One was off of the boot and on the desk. I asked Miss Lyric what she was doing. She said she decided to keep the snails, so she just put them in her boots. I asked what she planned to do with them. She said she was just going to leave them in her boots on her desk. We discussed how they could get out of the boots and then they would be loose in the house. We decided to put the boots outside so the snails could go back home.


Jenn said...

Priceless! I love it!

Zayden's Mommy said...

On our honeymoon I collected shells on the beach and brought them back to our room with us. Later that evening I walked into the bathroom to find one of my shells had crawled out of the cup I was keeping them in and was across the vanity. I have a picture of it - remind me to show it to Lyric.