Monday, April 20, 2009

Inks Lake

We were supposed to go to Tyler this weekend, but Caba and KK were sick (hope you're better guys), so we decided to go camping instead. Devon and I hadn't camped at Inks Lake in like 10 years, so we decided to see if they had any sites available. We know this is a REALLY popular park, so we were prepared to check out another place if they were booked up. The weather was so bad on Friday they had a lot of cancellations, so we were able to get a spot.
The first thing when we got to our site Lyric had to take out her snails so they could check it out.I think they approved. Daddy started setting up camp and the girls decided they needed a snack.Cadence was sharing with Lyric, but then decided she needed her own.Can you tell what it is? No, not an apple. Figure it out? What, doesn't everybody just wash tomatoes and eat them whole? After we had camp set up and the girls finished their tomatoes we decided to go for a hike. Story Bell refused to give up the backpack to Cadence, so I had to wear her in the sling. It worked out okay, but it wasn't the most comfortable way to be hiking.
If that child wasn't so skinny I don't think she would fit in the backpack. Look how long her legs are!
Inks Lake has some beautiful hiking trails. The views were awesome!
Lyric did a little rock climbing.Then she discovered her walking stick also makes a great sword.Back at camp, the girls decided to climb a tree. Of course that night we had to roast some marshmallows. Everyone got a turn.
Even Baby Cadence.
Miss Lyric tried a burnt marshmallow because that is how Daddy likes them, but it was "too burnt" for her.
On Sunday, we rented a canoe to check out the lake.
We were all REALLY excited!Daddy has been promising the girls that he was going to take them in a canoe for a while now, so they were READY!Okay, so everyone who knows me knows that I am a pretty laid back person. I go with the flow. I would consider myself pretty strong maybe daring sometimes. But I had no idea what this canoe ride was going to do to me. The girls and I got in and we were all ready to head out. Daddy took this picture: and life was great. He then climbed in the canoe and pushed us away from the shore. I lost it! I was so scared I almost started crying! I contemplated jumping out of the canoe! It was so shaky! I don't think this would have bothered me, but I had my three babies in that boat and I could just see them flying into the water. Thinking back now I know I was being super silly, but at the time it was terrifying!The girls loved putting their hands in the water. This would not have been a big deal except they moved around a lot and that made the boat move around a lot and that made me freak out a lot! At one point I snapped at Lyric really bad and she started crying and I felt bad so I started crying... thinking back now the whole situation was really weird... you would have thought I was my mother the worry wart!We did see lots of cool wildlife on the lake. I don't know what kind of bird this was (maybe some kind of hawk) , but he was sure pretty.
There were turtles everywhere. Lyric has been asking for a pet turtle, so it was fun seeing them in the wild.Baby Cadence didn't have much to say, but she seemed to enjoy herself.We rowed out and found a place to stop for a picnic. There was a huge snake skin in the water.Cadence pretended to be a snake and get Daddy.The girls enjoyed shared their picnic with the ducks. They named them Jenny and Browney.Miss Lyric got herself in a little predicament on the rocks, but Daddy quickly came to the rescue.When it came time to put our life jackets back on and climb in the canoe Baby Cadence decided she had had enough! She refused to put her life jacket back on and threw a fit when I tried to put her in the canoe. There was no way I was going to force her! First of all, I don't think you should make a nineteen month old go in a canoe if she doesn't want to. Second, I had a hard enough time riding in the canoe with three calm children, but I could not imagine doing it with one screaming child! So, Cadence and I hiked back to the dock. It ended up working out fine, but I had no idea where we were when we started our hike I was just carrying a nineteen month old hoping we would make it. See that's the kind of person I am I don't freak out. I just handle it.
Story had a turn with my paddle as the left the shore. Sweet sisters sharing a seat.
Daddy didn't think he was going to make it back to the dock. The wind was blowing against him and he was struggling! Luckily he and the girls made it back about the same time Cadence and I did.
When we got back to camp Miss Lyric decided to read her snails some books. They seemed to really enjoy the stories.Sisters climbed a tree yesterday, so Baby Cadence decided to give it a try today.That afternoon we decided to check out the playground. It was on the other side of the campground, so we decided to drive over. It took about four minutes to get there, but that was enough time for Cadence to fall asleep. I didn't really want her to have a nap so she would go to sleep early that night, but there was no waking her up. She was out!We were having sausage sandwiches for supper, so I decided to make a little camp side guacamole(The girls and I call it guacamole, but we usually just eat the avocados plain). I discovered this easy way to make it when Devon and I were camping in the Guadalupe Mountains. You stick your avocados in a ziplock baggie and mash. Then you just tear the corner of the baggie to serve. No clean-up!
I had a few helpers.Yes, they were eating it right out of the peeling, no chips needed:-) So sweet, I could lick it off!Daddy wanted to take the girls fishing. All they caught was a little moss. Daddy found the whole thing frustrating and vowed not to bring the fishing poles next time. Maybe when they are a little older and have a little more patience.
After fishing, Baby Cadence found herself a little snack before supper. Can't beat Oreos.
Devon and I played a little trick on the girls that evening. They were REALLY, REALLY tired and so were we. So, we told them we wanted to drive them over and show them the lake house we used to go to with Uncle Trent and Uncle Brandon. We said Uncle Trent and Aunt Kristin had been working on it this weekend, so we would go see how nice it was. We knew they, or at least Cadence and Story, would fall asleep and be out for the night.It worked!Even Miss Lyric crashed! When we got back to camp I enjoyed reading a book and Devon did a little fishing. It was nice and relaxing! Until about 3:00 the next morning. Story and I woke up. I had no idea what time it was, it was freezing and one of the air mattresses had lost all of its air so all five of us were on one mattress. She and I couldn't go back to sleep. We laid there forever! Finally, she said she wanted to go get something to eat, so we got up.. I figured it would be morning soon. I was wrong! We got in the car at 3:45! So, we had a few well, quite a few snacks and hung out in the car. At 4:20 I heard Cadence screaming, so I went and got her. I decided to strap her in her carseat and drive around the campground. We got to see two skunks and a deer. She was back asleep after a few laps around the campground, so Story and I headed back to hang out and wait on Daddy and Lyric to wake up. We told stories and she "drove" us to Sonic and then she "drove us to Whataburger (can you tell we were hungry for 'real' food, the snacks just weren't cutting it).
Finally, at 6:00 I told her I couldn't stay awake any more. She climbed on my lap and we laid my seat back and both went to sleep.
At 7:00 I woke up Devon and told him I was ready to go. We packed it up and headed out. We had a GREAT time! I would definitely suggest this park. It is beautiful!


J. Nalley said...

The long skinny legs out of the backpack - that's Jane! And when we went camping last she and I slept in the car too! Although it was due to an ear infection so we were up in pain all through the night and the only way I could let other campers sleep is to get in the car with her!!

jessica said...

what an awesome trip! :) you are inspiring me . . . we are takign the girls camping as soon as we finish the house! what amazing memories!~ you guys are wonderful parents! :)