Friday, April 24, 2009

Great Photos of the Girls and Baby Z Comes to a Playdate

We had a really cute mail playdate today. All of the kiddos made postcards to mail to each other. Mollie took some amazing pictures of Cadence and Lyric. I jacked them off her blog, hopefully she won't mind. She is an amazing photographer! Check out her site to see some of her awesome work.
Baby Cadence the pudding face. Miss Lyric is such the tomboy! At one point she had four boys chasing her yelling, "Get her! Let's get her!" I'm not sure what she did to provoke them, but luckily she was a little quicker than they were. Love this one! So, this would be the end of this post because I didn't get any pictures from our activity. But, Baby Z joined us at the park today. This was the first playdate he has been to with us, so I just had to include them.

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Zayden's Mommy said...

I love the picture of Lyric!!! It is so good. You ought to get a print of that one. Thanks for posting the pics of Z as well - they are cute. We had a great time - thanks for including us!!