Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bald IS Beautiful!

Story Bell decided to shave her head tonight.  She was shedding EVERYWHERE!  For a while now when she would pull up a handful of her hair a lot of it would come out, but a lot of it would still be there.  This afternoon we were out driving around and she said, "Look Mama!"  She pulled on a handful of her hair and it all came out!  I have to admit, I cried!  I don't know why I cried.  We have known this was going to happen since the beginning, but for some reason I lost it!
She was tired of having hair everywhere- on her clothes and in her food.  Tonight she wanted me to wash her hair until it all came out.  I tried, but it didn't work;-)
 We washed it twice and she still had hair.  
She was contemplating what we should do next. 
 She was feeling to see how much was left.
 This is what was in the drain of the sink.
 I finally convinced her the only way we could get it all out was to shave it with the clippers.  We talked about the clippers and how each guard cut it a different length.  We decided to start with one of the bigger guards.
 She tried to do it herself, but couldn't quite figure it out.
 She kept handing me the smaller guards saying, "Now use this one."
 I started in the back, because I thought it would be less traumatic.  Apparently, it was only going to be traumatic for me.  I was working on the back and working my way to the front, when she looked at me grabbing the front of her hair, "Mama, when are you gonna cut this part?"
 She really didn't like me going around the ears, so she was trying to help move them out of the way.
 The after pictures aren't too great , but I had to include them.
 This one is from my phone, kind of blurry, but too cute!
Lyric was having a pretty hard time with it!  The social worker warned me that it might happen.  When she looks at her sister now, she looks different.  Before it was easy to forget she was sick.
Lyric and I were laying in the bed talking.  We were both crying and talking about how Story looked different now and people were going to look at her differently.  Story came and climbed in bed with us.  
The girls started talking and Lyric said, "Story it's just that all your hair is gone now."
Story said in such a matter of fact way, "Lyric, it's okay.  Mama got me a ziplock baggie.  I kept some of it."
She is such a laid back kiddo!  It really didn't bother her that she was now bald.  I don't know if it's her age or personality, but she handled it amazing! 

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Jill said...

Love her! They are all fabulous and so are you!