Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playing Doctor

When the girls play doctor around here it is much more serious than it was before Story's diagnosis. We have real stethoscopes, gloves, and syringes.  Today I was ordering new dressing change kits for Story.  I wasn't sure which one to order, so I had to open the kit.  Since it was no longer sterile I gave it to the girls to play with.  They got their baby Becky and quickly got to work.  
Becky was all to happy to participate.
Lyric wore the gloves and did most of the work, but Story gave the directions.  At one point Story said, "These babies have leukemia, because all I know about is leukemia." 

The had lots of stuff out to work with!

Story Bell didn't need gloves, but she thought it was necessary to wear a mask.

Becky had herself a brand new set of tubies when they were done.
Cadence had to check out Becky's new tubies.

They got the tubies put in, then they flushed them for her, and she was ready to go.

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