Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Cadence!

Dear Cadence,
Can you believe you are three today? On one hand, it is hard for me to believe you are already three, but on the other, it seems like you have been in our lives so much longer than that!
From the day you entered our world you were loved so much!
Your sisters showered you with toys. What newborn doesn't need an Elmo doll, a ketchup bottle and a snake?
For Halloween we stuck you in a pumpkin, yes a real pumpkin!
Avocado was one of your first foods and you still love it today, but you prefer to call it 'apacado.'
You made some pretty cute faces when you were little. Luckily, you grew out of this one!
Tomatoes have always been one of your favorite foods. You enjoy picking
and eating them!
You don't mind getting a little messy,
but you always ask for a napkin when you do.
You are quite the cook, but if Mommy has to walk away from the counter you have to put your hands on your head because you like to do things by yourself.
You are a little stubborn! You know what you want and how you want it. Yes, you are wearing a pool floaty in the bathtub; you refused to take it off!
You have always been our little princess!
Sometimes you like to do things a little bit backwards, but it all works out in the end.
When someone disturbs you during a movie on the computer you tend to get a little mad.
You are extremely independent! You can put on your own makeup and make your own breakfast.
You are an extremely good driver! You can even do it standing up.
You aren't real big on cold weather, just isn't your thing.
What a sweet little girl you are!
You LOVE band aids!
No really, you LOVE them!
You've got your own little house under the TV where you like to watch movies.
You're the smartest three year old we know!
Cadence, you are the whole package! We all care about and love you!

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