Thursday, September 2, 2010

Story Bell Having a Sponge Bath

Miss Story Bell decided to have a sponge bath tonight, well to be honest it was more my idea than hers. She was a little overdue! We washed her up good and then she decided she wanted to soak her feet in the tub of warm water. She liked that, I had to refill it twice because the water kept getting cold. She could take a real bath/shower, but she HATES taking off the huge sticker we have to put over her tubies.
I told her to look at me so I could take the picture--this is what I got:
Then I told her to move her finger and smile and this is what I got:
Third times a charm and she even added that infamous Story head tilt!
After we got her all dried off we put some lotion on and she is set for a few more days.

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