Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chatty Kathy

Cadence accompanied me to the grocery store today. When we got to the check out she became fast friends with the clerk. Here is a summary of their conversation:
Clerk: I love your haircut. It is so cute!
Cadence: First, Lyric got her hair cut like dis then me and Story got our
hair cut like dis.
Clerk: I see you have a movie there. Did you rent a movie? (She was holding a movie from the Red Box in front of the store)
Cadence: I have Diedgo. Dis one is called Diedgo Saves t
he Pandas.
Clerk: I like your shoes. Those are cute.
Cadence: Mama made dese at da hospital. Story was in da hospital wis Mama. (I told the clerk Story was her big sister who was in the hospital)
Clerk: Oh, well I hope you're sister is okay. Is she all better now?
When the clerk asked this I realized that we have never really talked with Cadence about what is wrong with Story because she is so little. Out of curiosity I asked, "Cadence, do you know why Story was in the hospital? Can you tell her what was
wrong with Story?"
Cadence: She was in da hospital because she ate too much.
I almost fell out right there in the store! It was hilarious! She really did think Story was in the hospital because she ate too much! I guess when you see your sister go from 32 pounds to almost 50 in just a matter of weeks, the logical explanation would be that she ate too much!
The first two pictures were taken July 9th, just three days before her diagnosis. The last one was August 15. Prednisone-- CrAzY!

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