Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grammy and Bob Come to Visit

Grammy and Bob decided to come for a visit this weekend. On Saturday we decided to head to Centennial Park. Bob and the girls decided to have a snow cone.
How cute are they?
We got the girls to pose by the lake. Lyric was so excited about doing it!
Miss Lyric just can't pose without flashing that peace sign. Where did she learn that from?
Grammy talked Story into posing with her.
Daddy, Lyric and Cadence attempted to fly the kite.
They got it up a few times.
Daddy even let Lyric hold the string.
Cool shot of The Parthenon in the background.
She was having fun, I think.
Story Bell was into the kite flying. She played soccer with Bob.
Her shoes were bothering her, so she decided to wear mine.
It was a beautiful day, but the girls got a little hot. They had to have another snow cone for the ride home.

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