Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Week in the Hospital

On Saturday, October 9th, Story Bell woke up with a fever of 101.4.  Our "magic" number is 100.4, so we called the doctors and headed to the ER.  They did a blood culture and admitted us.  We were in the middle of moving and there were boxes everywhere, so I didn't pack us a bag I just told Devon to bring us one when he came.  Heading to the hospital with out 'stuff' to do is not smart!  We had no idea we were going to be staying six days.  Going spur of the moment and staying that long made for a long stay!
 Caba and KK came into town on Wednesday.  Story wanted everyone to come to the hospital for a party.  We blew up gloves and put a surprise in each one.  Everyone had to pop their balloon to get their surprise.  We also made a goodie bag for everyone.
 Story Bell decided to give herself a rash while we were in the hospital.  We tried to get it off with a sink bath, but all it did was turn her water green.  The rash was still there.
 She spent some time in her 'house' while we were there.  Amazingly, she could fit in the cubbie in the back of the couch.
 When her door was closed you didn't even know she was there.  On Wednesday night when everyone was coming to visit.  She and Cadence each got in the back of the couch.  I had gone to meet Lyric at the elevator, so they were in the room alone.  When I came back there were 5 nurses walking in the room.  I quickly walked down the hall to see what kind of trouble the two had gotten into.  The nurses were all searching for Story thinking she had escaped the room.  She and Cadence thought it was too funny that they fooled the nurses! 
 What a sweet picture of Story and Daddy (even with the rash).
 On our last night in the hospital (Thursday), we had a singer/songwriter come by to play with Story.  She had to have her dressing changed and was really tired of being the hospital, so she had had a pretty rough day.  He really helped to brighten it!  She played her harmonica while he played the guitar and sang.  I wish I would have had a video camera, it was really sweet.  Especially when she did her harmonica solos!
Our numbers went up a little on Friday, so they finally released us.  

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Bona Fide Mama said...

Hunter said, "Oh yeah, we did that" and "oh yeah, that guy came by and did that with me too".

Never were told what was going on?