Monday, October 25, 2010

Story's Last Night of Freedom

Story Bell had a list of things she wanted to do before she had to go on lock down for the transplant.  Tonight we were finishing up the list.  On the agenda: go out to eat as a family and go to the mall.
First, we went to O'Charlies and ate.  Then we headed to the mall.
Cadence had to go potty.  She fell in love with the potty.   
 It was just her size.
 We went to Claire's and bought new earrings.   Then we headed to the carousel.  The carousel was one of the biggest things Story talked about doing before the lock down.  The girls were so excited to ride, but we discovered they only take cash and unfortunately Devon and I didn't happen to have any.  We had like $3.27 between the two of us.  We needed $6.75.  Devon went to the car to try and find some change.
While he was gone the girls played at the indoor play area. 

 Daddy arrived with the money.  He was able to find enough change and didn't have to beg in the parking lot (which he would have done-we weren't leaving that mall until Story Bell rode the carousel!).

 After the carousel the girls wanted to ride the rides, but we had no money, so they pretended.

 Luckily the food court takes cards, so we had cookies.
 Lyric ordered a Sprite and Cadence ordered a water. when we got to the table Devon told Cadence to taste her drink to see if it was a water or Sprite.  She took a huge drink and said, "Are my cheeks red?"  Devon said, "No."  She said, "This is water.  I'm allergic to Sprite."
She and Daddy had a drinking contest. How cute are they?

We all had a really fun night!  Tomorrow Story Bell will not be able to leave the house unless we are going to clinic.

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