Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lyric Checks Out

Miss Lyric had to go in for her check up today. They have to make sure she checks out before they can take her bone marrow for Story.
Happily waiting to be called back.
 In the exam room waiting for the doctor.  We were at the clinic where Story goes, so everything was familiar.
 The doctor checking her out.
 Showing off her magic cream that numbs her arms before the sticks for the blood.  She had to get stuck twice for blood.  They took lots of tubes!  Then she had to have a TB test.  She started to pull away and act like she was going to cry when they did the TB test.  She said it was weird.  I don't think it really hurt, but the medicine going in was uncomfortable. 
 We had to go down for a chest x-ray.  By this time she was hungry and tired of waiting!  The technician was really sweet to her, but she was DONE.  He said he gets like that when he is hungry, so he understood:-)

 When we got back up to the room Story had a huge audience.  A group of student nurses and our care partner gathered around listening to her play the harmonica.
Miss Lyric is in great shape and will make a wonderful donor for her sister!

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Bona Fide Mama said...

Thank you for this post. I will show it to Ronin as she goes in for these tests on Friday. I am sure this will help set her mind at ease.