Sunday, October 17, 2010

Not One, but Two Little Bald Girls

Tonight Cadence wanted me to put a dress on one of their barbies.  I told her it didn't fit, but the girls informed me you have to take her head off to put her dress on.  When we got the head off Story commented how she liked her better without her head.  She said we could just draw a face on her and she would be perfect.  
I asked her if she wanted to shave a barbie to look like her.
 So, she did.
 Cadence decided to shave a barbie too.
 She had a little trouble controlling the clippers.
Cadence has been talking about shaving her head since Story shaved hers.  I was never really sure if she was serious because she would say it, but then go off and do something else.  Tonight she got the clippers and walked around the house saying, "I want to look like Story!"  She said she was sure, so we did it!
Story Bell went first.
 She got some of the hair off, but found Cadence to be a little more challenging than the barbie.

I had a hard time getting her to pose for an after shot, but here is what I could get.  Tomorrow I will try to get some better ones.

When I was getting her out of the bath tonight she smiled at herself really big in the mirror and said, "Do you like my bald head?  I've always wanted to see my own head."  

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Anonymous said...

Hi do you have video of her head shaving???