Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Brillant Three Year Old

Today I was sitting at the computer and Cadence walked up to me, "Mama, is Story the only one who has to have a bone marrow transplant?"
I said, "Yes, Story is the only one."  She ran off to play and that was the end of our conversation.
I began to wonder what else she knew... was she jealous because Story was getting to have a bone marrow transplant and she didn't or did she know a bone marrow transplant wasn't a good thing and she didn't want one?

Tonight we were taking a bath together, so I decided to continue our conversation:
Me: "Cadence, what is a bone marrow transplant?"
Cadence: "It's when they take you bone marrow out." (Taking it out, killing it--same thing right?)
Me: "What happens after they take it out?"
Cadence: "They put someone else's in you."
Me: "What's going to happen to Story when they take her bone marrow out?"
Cadence: "They gonna put Lyric's bone marrow in her."
Me: "Cadence, what does your bone marrow do?"
Cadence: "It makes you blood."

This child just turned three at the beginning of September.  It is amazing to me how much she knows.  We make a real effort to make sure Lyric understands because she is older and she is going to be the donor.  But, we have always assumed Cadence was too young to understand.  I guess we were all wrong.  She has learned all that from listening to us talk.  Amazing!

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