Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun Day at the Clinic

The kiddos celebrated Halloween at the clinic today.  Ms Sarah had princess party stuff complete with a crown.
 Story Bell picked a purple cupcake.
 It was yummy!

 While we were getting ready to leave the clinic Ms Sarah told us Rascal Flatts was going to be playing in just a few minutes if Story and I wanted to go.  Story wasn't supposed to be around big groups of people, so I told them we probably shouldn't go.  They said she could go if she would wear a mask.  She hates wearing masks, so she said she would rather not go.  Ms Sarah said she could get us VIP seats where Story wouldn't be near anyone else, so we decided to go.
She got a butterfly airbrushed on her cheek.
 She entertained herself while waiting for them to start.
 We were sitting so close!
 They sang a few songs and then we stood in a LONG line to meet them.  Before they sang I don't think Story knew who they were, but after she was willing to wear a mask and stand in a really long line to meet them. 
 Story Bell and the boys.

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