Friday, November 25, 2011

Blue Heron Cruise

We all  participated in the Summer Reading Program at the library this summer.  Devon won a cruise on Blue Heron Cruises.  We wanted to go out when the leaves were changing, but we never got around to it.  We decided to do it this weekend.  When we got to the boat dock and saw the boat we were all surprised.  I don't really know what we were expecting, but it wasn't what we saw.  I can't believe we didn't take a picture of the outside of the boat!  It was an old pontoon boat with lawn chairs on it.  We boarded the boat and found seats.  When we saw this sign we knew it was going to be an interesting cruise.  In case you can't read it, "Money collected at the end of cruise.  If you don't make it back it's free."
 The cruise started out 'normal'.  The captain was super friendly.  He had snacks and drinks for everyone.  Cadence and Smurfette rode in my lap most of the trip.
 The leaves had already fallen off the trees, but it was still a beautiful trip.
 A few minutes into the cruise the captain brought out a basket of toys.  There were some plastic dinosaurs,
and some kid binoculars.
 Both toys were perfect for a boat.
Cadence found some small basketballs in the basket and tried throwing one to Smurfette, so she could fetch.  I just knew she was going to throw one in the water!  She dug around in the basket some more and found a wooden whistle.  I cringed as she and Story blew on it.  When Story first picked up the whistle our reaction was to jerk it out of her hand, but then we remembered, "Oh yea, she has an immune system now.  The whistle could make her sick, but it's not going to kill her."  This time last year that wasn't true.
About half way through the cruise the captain brought out bubbles.  The kids were so excited, but the adults who were being bathed in bubble solution not so much.
These pictures really don't show how close we were all sitting.  There was no way to blow the bubbles without giving at least three or four adults a bath.  Luckily even the people on the boat who didn't have kids didn't seem to mind\.

When the kids started to get tired of the toys and bubbles the captain pulled out balloons.  Not just any balloons, but the really long ones used for making shapes.  Cadence's actually started out as a dog or maybe it was a giraffe, but the wind quickly ruined it and it was back to a really long one.
The girls loved the balloons.

I'm not so sure how the wet adults felt about being whacked in the head.

We did see some cool birds on the trip, including this blue heron.
On the way back to the dock the captain brought out a game for the kiddos.  It was a jar with clothes pins.  The kids had to drop the clothes pins in the jar.  If they made three clothes pins they got to pick a prize out of the bowl.  You will never guess what the prizes were...
That's right--punch balloons!  Devon and I were cracking up at how inappropriate the toys were for such a small space.  It was hilarious!

I got volunteered to hold all the other balloons. 
We had a great time!  If you are ever looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with the family check out Blue Heron Cruises.

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