Thursday, November 10, 2011

Make a Wish Disney Trip--Day 3

This morning we got an early start meeting Mickey and Minnie first thing.  We got hugs, autographs and pictures.
When we left the theater we were pleasantly surprised with Goofy, Pluto and Belle. 

Cadence's eyes lit up when she saw Belle, her favorite!

After meeting the characters, we went to breakfast.  After breakfast, we had to stop by the ice cream palace.
Then we headed to Magic Kingdom. 
The girls enjoyed the ferry ride.

They decided they needed a snack before we stood in line to get in.

We had a great time at Magic Kingdom.  We meet Tigger and Pooh.

Lyric saw a big bird:-)
The girls loved the tea cups, but it was my least favorite ride of the whole trip!  I can handle just about any roller coaster, but I don't do well going in circles.

The girls had to pose with their favorite princesses on this construction wall.

Lyric was a little scared on the Winnie the Pooh ride.
Lyric, Cadence and I rode Dumbo together.  I tried to get pictures of Devon and Story while he tried to get pictures of us.

Lyric posing on the stationary Dumbo.
We couldn't pass up the carousel!  Even though the have one at Give Kids the World that we ride multiple times a day:-)
We didn't get any pictures, but Story rode her first real roller coaster, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Click on the link to check out a video of the roller coaster.  We were in the front and I was scared!  I kept asking her the whole time, "Are you okay?"  I don't know why I was asking her because there was nothing I could do if she wasn't okay, but luckily she loved it!
We had a great time at Magic Kingdom, but had to get back to the village for Christmas.  Give Kids the World celebrates Christmas once a week because sadly many of the kids who visit will not make it until next Christmas.
When we arrived at the Gingerbread House for diner we were greeted by Mrs. Clause.
After dinner we stopped by the carousel before heading to the Winter Wonderland.

The girls made doily snowflakes.

Then they decorated sugar cookies.

The posed with the snowman
and then tried to bite his nose off.
Everyone had to have a snow cone because no Winter Wonderland would be complete without it:-)
We played in the snow, but Lyric found out the hard way--it was soap suds!

After playing in the snow, we headed inside the theater to see Santa.  There was a pretty long line, so Lyric and I played with the camera while we waited.

After visiting Santa each of the girls got to pick a present.  They all picked a My Little Pony that you take a bath with.
I had to run in the office for a minute, so Story and Cadence hitched a ride on this pony near the front desk.
Overall, it was a magical day!

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